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Householder small works

Why use a Structural Engineer and what do they do?


Sometimes Structural Engineers are seen as an extra cost to a project that can be done without but this is untrue, let us explain below how using a Structural Engineer such as Delta Vector Engineering can be a cost effective and useful move.

So: Why should I use Delta Vector Engineering when my builder says there is no need for an engineer because they can just get a beam and it will be OK, and the engineer will over design it anyway:

We provide the most efficient solutions for a given problem,  so you won’t be over charged for a beam that is twice the cost and weight than is needed

Most of the time Building Control now want to see calculations for each structural item or member (like steel or timber beams), most builders merchants and steelwork stockholders won’t or can’t provide this information so you will need to get a Structural Engineer to provide the calculations anyway. This can be awkward sometimes when either the beam is not adequate when designed to the design codes or when the beam is so oversized that it cost twice the amount.

As experienced Structural Engineers, Delta Vector Engineering will also consider the stability effects to the building, by removing the wall, you may be destabilising a portion of the building without knowing it.

By involving us at an early stage before contracting a builder, we will provide the information for the builder to be able to price the job correctly, therefore helping to control your project costs and minimising any addition works costs because “they didn’t allow for that”.


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